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Toni Gonzaga Photo Gallery

Celestine Cruz Gonzaga, popularly known by her screen name Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipina movie and TV actress, variety program host, singer, and commercial model. She is one of the most visible multimedia artists in Philippine showbiz.

Toni was born on January 20, 1981, a 6.8 lbs. baby girl to Christian parents Carlito and Crisanta Gonzaga. Her mom craved "santol" and "mais con hielo" during pregnancy. Toni was named after a boxer by her father. She has a younger sister named Catherine. Toni is fondly called "Tintin" by her closest friends.

At the age of 4, Toni joined and won local singing competitions in their barangay in Taytay, Rizal. During her late uncle's term as Mayor of Taytay, Toni was always invited to sing in community events. When her father ran for public office, she started doing hosting stints in social events and gatherings. At a young age, Toni was used to facing large audiences.

At 9, Toni's father would bring her to auditions and singing competitions. She got through the first round of auditions at Repertory Philippines but Baby Barredo, one of Repertory's directors, sent her home during a rehearsal for some reasons. At 13, she managed to get into GMA's Artist Center and initially landed small roles. After 4 years, Toni decided to go freelance. While attending high school, Toni was busy joining auditions, competitions, and VTR screenings of advertising agencies.

At 20, Toni started lounge singing in hotels and bars such as Calesa Bar, Hyatt Regency, Sulo Hotel, and Holiday Inn. She went to school in the day and did her singing engagements at night.

Toni’s first big break came with a softdrink commercial appearing as a fan of Piolo Pascual at the age of 20. After this, she started hosting various television shows. She started out as the co-host of a noon-time variety show called the Eat Bulaga! She worked on this show for TAPE Inc. and various shows of GMA Network. Toni also started hosting Wazzup Wazzup, which was a Studio 23 production. She was a news anchor and "news diva," singing every line of a news story. She worked with the biggest competitors at the same time because Studio 23 is a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, the toughest competitor of GMA-7 in the Philippines.

Soon, Toni fully transferred to ABS-CBN and became a part of the Most Requested Show ur (MRS) with Roderick Paulate and Amy Perez. Then she hosted Entertainment Konek (ETK) with Ogie Diaz where she found the environment to be "positive, healthy and fun." Tony then signed up to be a female co-host of a reality show, called the Pinoy Big Brother. From hereon, her career was catapulted to greater heights.

In 2006, she diversified into music and came out with her first music album called "You Complete Me." Released by Star records, this album is a romantic hit and included songs like "We belong," "Love Fool," "Kung Kaya Ko," and "Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso."

Toni enrolled in the AB Mass Communication program of Dominican College, where she studied for two years. Later, she transferred to the AB English program of the Asian Institute for Distance Education (AIDE), where she is now studying independently.

Toni plans to finish her college education, set up her own business, and continue her flourishing career in Philippine showbiz.

Source: wikipedia.


  1. ang ganda mo talaga tony..........

  2. para kang may beke....

    para kang julalay ni paul...

  3. i hate the abs-cbn cebu..
    palagi nilang kinacut ang ibang shows.
    like hana kimi and pbb uber.
    at delayed pa!
    pwede ba yun?
    parang hindi nila kinu consider ang mga viewers na gusto at sumusubaybay sa mga shows ng abs..
    so sad..

  4. Hi POh!!!!!

    i really lyked U,,,,,

    Hi ulit...

  5. Hi Ms. Toni,

    Congratulations for the successful concert that you had...You made a lot of people inspired.

    By the way, I am Mare Cris, from Pampanga, I've been waiting for the day that you will visit SM Clark, but I guess that won't happen. I really want to meet you in person.

    I've been watching all of your TV Programs and everything was perfectly done. You're such an excellent TV Host and actress. Just ignore the people who hates you..They don't deserve your time. Just continue and love what you are doing... Stay humble and sweet as you are to many people. I have watched your movie with SAM Milby, that was perfect!!! "MY BIG LOVE"..

    I will be praying for your always and your family. All of us, your fans, will support you all the way.
    Soon,you will become one of the brilliant and unbeatable stars in the Showbiz Industry.

    Keep it up!!!..Looking forward to meet you ate TONI...
    Take care Always...

    Mare Cris "CRIZZY" Nitura

    P.S. Please have time to text me just to confirm that you got my message.Thanks

  6. hi... poh ms.tony,hope mas madami pah poh kaung ma-inspire,and gudluck poh sa career, gudluck sa love life nio poh...

  7. hi ate tony hehe i lyk u kasi ang simple simple mo,,,dnt change en gud luck mmmmwwwwaaaahhhhh!!!!

  8. ang cute talaga ni tony..............................................un lng tnx and god bless.....................more power to your station....................

  9. hi marina ang cute moh tlga...ingat lagi

  10. A true Filipina BEAUTY.
    Love your smile.


  11. hello po ms toni!!!sana magpasaya pa po kayo ng tao lalo na kaming mga fans mo.....we will support you...we love you!!!!!!!!!

  12. hi Ms.toni..ako po c gladys,.. ang ganda ganda mo talaga.. tapos ang simple mo pa,tapos matalino,mabait,kalog.. kya nga poh idol na idol kita eh.. sana poh mag kita na tayo,.. gud luck po sa career mo,,sana po hndi k magbago.. magiingat k poh plagi.. plz po txt mo ko,e2 po number ko-09153524173..pag nagtxt k po skin ibig sabihin nabasa mo po ung message ko sayo.. ok,take care always.. we love you po! :)

  13. hi there. just wanna say that i admire your and your talent. i've been watching your hostings in the reallity show pinoy big brother and pinoy dreamm academy here in america . i really watch every episode of those shows just so that i won't miss a part. well hope i could see you in person and and hope you have more projects and hope you visit our place here in seattle washington and wish you all the best. god bless and stay pretty and cheerful always.

  14. hi ate toni...ako po si karen and i really admire you sana po maging friends tayo....ang ganda mo po talaga at ang galing mo pa,


  16. alam nyu..,
    d nmn talga ako madalas manuod ng kapamilya shows e..,
    madalas 7..,
    kc solid kapamilya mga tao d2 e..,
    pra maiba nmn ako 7..,
    pero d ko talga mapigilan manuod ng kapamilya show..,
    kung c idol tony ung bida sa show..,
    pati ung hosting nya sa ASAP08..,
    sus.., d ko mapalampas..,
    bad trep e..,
    idol kc e..,
    ung lng nmn masasabi ko..,
    kc ang ganda kc nya.., lalo pag naka smile..,
    sna nga makita ko xa ng personal e..,
    makita lng ok na.., ^^
    ung ibang sked ng mga show nya alam ko..,
    kso lng.., busy sa work.., kaya d makapunta khit gus2.., mas mahalaga ung sarili ko e.., STEP 1..
    cge idol.., wag sana matapos ung mga project mo sa abs-cbn.., kc pag natapos.., d na ko makanuod uli sa 2.. jowk..,^^
    hindi.., sana marami k pang movieng magawa..,
    ang gand nga rin ng movie nyu ni vhong e..,
    nakakakilig..,anu 2..? komaang.... ^^ ingat lagi god bless idol.-!!!
    lalu n

  17. Hoping a mabasa mo 2 ate Toni..

    hello ate Toni! i'm reese from Tandag, Surigao del Sur... 13 yrs of age.. i really like you very much and also ur sissy ate Alex nag wawatch dn aq ng show niya.. yung JUICY sa TV5... kaso sometyms na lang aq nakakapanood ng juicy kc hindi na aq umuuwi ng lunch.. buti na lang wala kming class nung nag guest ka sa Juicy nd i think nka wear ka nun ng black dress nd ayaw mo pla ng.... hehehe.. BTW,i want 2 keep in touch wid u everyday.. kya kahit ano ginagawa ko... i tried na yung sa smart na (TONI ON)pero di naman nag work nag rerply lng ng" Hi! salamat sa fanmail mo. wait na lng for my next update." tapos ive been spending how many hours to find yung fs profile ninyo kaso ang daming posers nahihirapan aq then kay ate Alex naman, sbi sa shoutout nea na"I ONLY add PERSONAL friends..add me we if REALLY know each other...if you are not my friend then i'd have to decline ur request..sorry..peace!)" kya di na lang aq nagpumilit.. pero i'll always be a true-blood Kapamilya.. honestly, sa skul, nag aaway kmi 'bout sa ABS and GMA.. hindi talaga kmi nag papatalo sa tga GMA... yung ibang classmates koh na i.irritate na sa amin kc ano daw ang mapapala namin diyan... hehehe... weird noh, but that's the fact.. hobby na tlga namin yan.. pero after that nagkakabati naman kmi...

    BTW, Job well done! ang ganda talaga ng My Only You! We really enjoyed it!!!

    cge 'till here... I Lab Yah!! sana magkaroon na aq ng ym ninyo 2 ni ate alex...

    nag ask naman aq ng favor ky ate Lauren Young na mg ask ak ng ym mo ate Toni..

    God Bless You!!! Gud Luck Sa Career!! and Take Care always... mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!!! regards to ol...

    REESE Q.

  18. hi toni happy b-day sau 1 fun talaga kita kc ure so simple and nice wish q 4 u more project 2 come and sa love m wal k namn problema and take care alwayz..... god bless u ....no1 ka dito sa
    BULACAN..... HAPPY B DAY.......

  19. Minerva poh 2 fr. Munting Baguio ng Luisiana,Laguna. Advance Happy Birthday poh s inyo,more project 2 come poh at alam nyo poh bgay n bgay kau ni kua Paul.Pksv poh ate Alex idol n idol q rin poh sya.God bless poh s inyo at s inyo pong family.

  20. I am most interested to watch Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano's 2006 teleserye "Crazy for You". Meron bang DVD/VCD nito? I would like to buy. Kindly contact by e-mail

  21. buti nmn may lumabas n isang toni sa mundong to hehehehe kumpleto araw ko ,more power ms. pasaway


  23. hello idol..di kumpleto ang sunday me pag di kita mapanood sa asap 09.. ang galing yong kumanta at ang ganda ganda u..mwaahh

  24. TAKE CARE ALWAYS......................

  25. hi tin mzta im ur fan sana mkta kta sa personal bmibili tlga ako ng album pti n rin c sarah

  26. Hi Toni ako ngapala si ariane joy from bulacan.Alam mo ang ganda ganda!! mo lagi nga kita inaabangan sa asap09 (galing mo kasing kumanta) eeh...pati nga pala si Alex sis mo fan ko din ang ganda nyong dalawa!!! sige take care!! and more power to both of you!!! :D

  27. ***^hi hellow^***

    Hi Celestine!!short for Toni Gonzaga!!. Ako ngapala si Ariane joy 13 yrs. old from bulacan. Alam mo tagahanga mo ako ng bonggang-bongga!! ang ganda mo kasi at ang bait mo pa!!!.Alam mo kapag sunday lagi akong nanunuod ng ASAP09 at nanunuod din ako ng Entertainment Live.Magka mukha talaga kayo na sister mong si Alex!!cute nyong dalawa.Nanunuod din ako ng Juicy (paminsan minsan) my pasok kesi ako... napanuod ko pa nung na guest ka sa Juicy wehh!!!. aahhm WISH ko sayo sana lagi kang magiingat lalo na kapag pumupunta ka ng ibang bansa.

    ***^TAKE CARE ALWAYS^***
    ***^LOVE YOU^***
    ****^SMILE ALWAYS^*****

  28. elow ate toni ang ganda muh!!
    sana makita kita in person!!!
    godbless,gudluk sa mga projects muh sa abs-cbn!

  29. hi ate tin....mzta nman po career nten?
    i hope ur alwyz good..

    mzta nman po kau ni kua paul?

    sna po xia na ang fist and last love u

  30. hoy tony ang kapal ng muka mu palipat ka naman sa abs, hindi ka lang nahiya palibhasa ngongo ka. hindi ka marunong tumanaw ng utang sa gma- sila ang nagpasikat sau paro kung yan ang nasa isp mu na lumipat its your choice, nasa hili ang pagsisisi... gud luck nalang

  31. isa kang duling..un lang

  32. i love TONI G!!u rock girl...hugs and kisses :D

    Marga :)

  33. Hi ate Toni!!!

    Continue your goodness
    Keep up the good work always


  34. ...ganda mo talaga ate toni idol kita sana mag katuluyan kau ni vhong bagay na bagay talaga kau at di naman kau bagay nung bf mong derek SELOSO un nag selos ngaun kila vhong at sam ehhhh SELOSO un........go toni

  35. halow miss toni,sana mas marami pang blessings ang diumating sa iyo...

  36. hi ms toni ang pinaka gus2 ko sau ung magaling kang maghost lalo na pag PBB

  37. i love it ever since no doubt toni's one of the most beautiful lady in the world . i love you toni by jesus baranquil jr aka jess im your setified fun.



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