Sunday, July 1, 2007

Rafael Rosell Photo Gallery

Meet Rafael Quimpo Rosell IV, that incredibly handsome guy throwing kisses in the Close-Up commercial. Born and raised in Norway, Rafael found his way into Philippine entertainment when a friend of his mom suggested that they send over some tapes and pictures to ABS-CBN, and soon, Rafael was gracing our TV screens with his killer good looks and undeniable charm.

Being in this industry isn't purely glitz and glamour for this cutie. Rafael now lives by himself, away from his parents and two brothers, Ralph, 12, and Russell, 5.

He also has to take part in numerous workshops, in preparation for television guestings and also maybe to prepare himself for his greatest dream---to get to Hollywood! Well, with his personality and looks, he definitely has a shot at it!

Putting his heart into his craft, Rafael shows the promise of a true actor. Now, he is seen in more and more television shows, including Tabing Ilog, where he plays Oliver, and Arriba, Arriba, with Jolina Magdangal, his co-star in his first ever film where he played a role that suits him perfectly--- a dream guy!

And just in case you are planning to capture this guy's heart, one tip from me---be yourself! Rafael finds it appealing when a girl opens up, acts natural, and eats whatever she wants to eat on a date.

A girl who starves herself to death just because she wants to impress a guy by eating only a teeny-weeny serving of salad is a no-no for gorgeous Rafael.

So, wanna bet that he's on his way to stardom? My bottom dollar says that he's going to sweep us all off our feet and amaze us with how high he's gonna soar.

Rafael Rosell is already every inch a celebrity, with his enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance, not to mention his smashing good looks and cute smile. He's simply what you've always been dreaming of...that's the Close-Up boy, up-close.


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