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Zsa Zsa Padilla Photo Gallery

Zsa Zsa Padilla is a Filipino singer and actress. She is the partner of the Philippine show business patriarch, comedian Dolphy.

Zsa Zsa dubbed as The Divine Diva was born Esperanza Padilla on May 28, 1964. She's a very popular, award winning and world class Filipino singer, recording and concert artist, and also a dramatic and comedic actress. She's also a songwriter, commercial model, product endorser, businesswoman, and record producer. Aside from those, she had starred in a very successful and critically acclaimed full length musical theater play "Larawan" in 1997.

Zsa Zsa started as a member of the [Manila Sound] band, Hotdog, in the mid-1970s. She is the daughter of the noted actor and sportsman Carlos “Sonny” Padilla, who refereed the Ali-Frazier world heavyweight boxing match, "A Thrilla in Manila".

After leaving the popular Manila Band; Hotdog, she became a soloist. Many movie and TV film producers and directors soon were taken with her drop dead gorgeous looks and so, movie and TV offers came pouring in but she had opted to wait for the right time to finally appear in movies and on TV. In 1987 she first accepted a TV role as a wife of a gay man in a popular classic drama series "Lovingly Yours Helen". The reaction of the viewers proved that she's a film star to be reckoned with.

In the same year she accepted her first movie role in a comedy flick "Mga Anak Ni Facifica Falayfay" in 1987 with Philippine Comedy King, Dolphy. This role proved that she could also make people laugh and so other comedy flicks followed. After co-starring with Dolphy in another comedy flick, they soon had fallen-in-love with each other. Her next comedic role followed co-starring with another funny man Joey de Leon in "Starzan" in 1989.

At a mere 16 years of age, Zsa Zsa was married to a much older man, a dentist named Modesto Tatlonghari, with whom she lived with for 7 years and had a daughter, the singer and actress Karylle. The marriage was annulled in 2003. In 1990, Padilla eloped with Dolphy, an even older man at 36 years her senior. They now have two daughters.

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