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Keanna Reeves Photo Gallery

Keanna Reeves (born Janet Derecho Duterte, on 1970) is a Filipina actress who first gained national attention and notoriety in the Philippines for exposing a private escort girl service in December 2004, and confessing that lawmakers were among her clients. Reeves' disclosure that she knew of some female escorts who offered sex to their clients has prompted Akbayan Party-List Reps. Loretta Ann Rosales and Maria Rissa Baraquiel, Gabriela's Liza Maza and Cibac's Joel Villanueva to propose a harsher punishment for philandering government officials. The exposé allowed her to make headway into show business. Despite the obvious, her stage name is not derived from Keanu Reeves' name.

On 2005, she appeared on Extra Challenge, where she won the challenges with her teammate and then enemy Tita Swarding. Continuing her stints on reality shows, in February 2006, she was selected to be one of the 14 housemates in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. She won the competition, winning P4 million worth of cash and prizes and became an instant Superstar from her Starlet status. Her chosen charity, women's rights advocate "Gabriella" (the sister party of Bayan Muna), will receive P1 million. As a single parent, she vowed to win the prize for the sake of her two young sons' future.

Aside from being a devoted mother and a trusted friend, Keanna endeared herself to viewers with her comic timing.

In her first week in the house, Keanna immediately caught the attention of her housemates, not because they liked her. The other celebrities noticed that she was not fond of doing the household chores. Her laziness earned her a nomination during the 1st nomination night. Fortunately, possibly due to her funny jokes and antics, the viewers rescued Keanna from eviction.

Things changed after the 1st eviction night. The Kilabot ng Senado (Terror of the Senate) became more cooperative in terms of helping others do the household chores, tasks and challenges given by Big Brother. She eventually earned the respect of the others especially the younger celebrities like John Pratts, Roxie Barcelo and Bianca Gonzales. Keanna became their “Nanay-nanayan.” John would always go to her Nanay(Mother) to seek her advice on how to handle the difficult situations inside the house. Eventually, John became her bestfriend along with another actor, Rustom Padilla.

This comedienne was known for her anticlimactic but hilarious antics just like what she did during her big fight with former housemate Mich Dulce. She mistakenly labed Mich as “KFC” instead of “KSP” or kulang sa pansin (needs some attention). Another perfect example would be the incident when Keanna suddenly excused herself to attend to nature’s call right at the moment actor Rustom Padilla, her closest buddy in the house first revealed his gay sexuality to her and to the whole of the Philippines. In order not to ruin the moment, she urinated in the garden where the conversation was taking place. Keanna was later reprimanded by Big Brother for not using the bathroom.

Source of info: Wikipedia


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