Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lorna Tolentino Photo Gallery

Lorna Tolentino, is a Filipina actress, host, executive producer and widow of actor Rudy Fernandez. She was born on December 23, 1961 in Concepcion, Tarlac and later moved to Manila. She is also the stepmother of Mark Anthony Fernandez.
Lorna Tolentino is often called "Grand Slam Actress" by her fans. She started her career in the late 60s (or early 70s) as a child actress. Eventually, she became a most sought-after actress specializing in dramatic roles.

Lorna also had her biggest break in Philippine cinema by getting the title role of Divina Gracia. She has won eight film awards and has 20 nominations (mostly for Best Actress in FAMAS). She has a total of at least 60 movies.


* Grandslam Best Actress for Narito Ang Puso Ko (1993)
* FAMAS Best Actress for Abakada Ina (2002)
* FAMAS Best Actress for Narito Ang Puso Ko (1993)
* FAMAS Best Child Actress for Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel (1971)
* FAP Best Actress for Abakada Ina (2002)
* FAP Best Actress for Narito Ang Puso Ko (1993)
* FAP Best Actress for Maging Aking Ka Lamang (1988)
* Star Award Best Actress for Maging Akin Ka Lamang (1988)
* Gawad Urian Best Actress for Narito Ang Puso Ko (1993)
* Star Award - Best Actress for Narito Ang Puso Ko (1993)
* MFF Best Actress for Luksong Tinik (2000)
* Star Award For TV Best Actress(Drama) for Hanggang Kailan (2003)
* Star Award For TV Best Actress(Drama) for Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (2004)
* Star Award For TV Best Actress(Single Performance) for Magpakailanman (2005)
* Female Star of the Night - six times winner
* Miss RP Movies - five times winner

Info source: Wiki

Monday, December 8, 2008

Akihiro Sato Photo Gallery

Akihiro Sato (Full name: Akihiro Macieira Sato), born September 12, 1986, is a Japanese-Brazilian model who started hitting the ramps in Brazil and then in Thailand. But this stunner fell in love with the Philippines that he decided to settle here for good.
Barely a year in the Philippines and already he’s been snagged by Penshoppe for a campaign, ramps assignments here and there, tv guestings and now, the local film industry is also struck with the "Aki Fever." Akihiro Sato has just signed on for his first acting assignment, an indie film called “Handumanan.”

Because he is so in demand, Aki is studying the local language in University of the Philippines (UP). There are reports that he only rides a bus and MRT from his condominium unit in Makati to UP Diliman. He’s definitely one of us!

At heart, Akihiro Sato is a humanist and an idealist who recoils at the sight of street children side by side with the filthy rich. It is something that this rising star could not, and would rather not, get used to.

Akihiro Sato has three Japanese words tattooed on his body — the words are SUN, WOMAN and LOVE. He was asked, why SUN? “Sun is life. Sun is a small word with a big meaning.” Why WOMAN? “Woman is very important for life. Man cannot live without woman. Why LOVE? “Love is important for family, friends and the world.”

Info Source: starmometer.com

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hideo Muraoka Photo Gallery

It seems that nipo-brasileiro (half-Japanese, half-Brazilian) hybrid fever is not over yet. They are all over the place booking most modeling jobs in the Philippines, getting featured on billboards, gracing runways and appearing on television commercials. Well, who could blame the casters for hiring the services of these male mannequins with well-chiseled bodies and perfectly molded faces? No wonder, their Filipino counterparts are having a difficult time booking the jobs.

After the much-publicized entry of Akihiro Sato in the modeling industry, here comes another foreign hunk by the name of Hideo Muraoka. The 20-year old model is Folded and Hung’s answer to the Penshoppe’s popular Akihiro. What sets him apart from the bronze-bodied Aki, however, is the fact that unlike the former, he is not a full-time model but is in fact a law student in São Paulo before packing his bags and leaving for Asia to pursue a modeling career. Upon his arrival in Manila, he was able to land tons of modeling jobs.

Another major difference with Aki is that he will not be staying in the Philippines for long and continue a career in acting. Next year, he will be going back to his native Brazil to continue his studies. So, while you still can, enjoy what this hunk has to offer.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enrique Gil Photo Gallery

After being launched as part of Star Circle Batch 16 earlier this year, commercial model-turned-aspiring actor Enrique Gil gets his first big break playing the younger brother of Krista Ranillo in the afternoon action teleserye Pieta. The 16-year old was discovered by no less than Star Magic head Johnny Manahan. “Mr. M said he was searching for talents, so they brought me in case he’d like me. So we ended up coming back to Star Magic. I’m so lucky,” he recalls.

After that, Enrique started attending acting workshops with his Star Circle batchmates before getting the role in Pieta. “I had to audition for that. But I really didn’t think I was going to make it because I really didn’t know anything. It’s my first role. I’ve been doing workshops with Direk Rahyan Carlos. He’s taught me a lot. I need first-hand experience. So I think this project is going to be good for me,” he shares during the Pieta press conference last November 24 at the ABS-CBN compound.

The mestizo cutie also admits that he is only just starting to get the feel of being in showbiz with his inclusion in the afternoon drama. “For me, showbiz gives me the experience that I need to make it here. I really didn’t know anything about acting so I’m sure nahirapan din yung directors to really teach me and show me how. I think naman that I’m starting to get used to it and now I’m just looking for as much experience and exposure,” he adds. Enrique is also thankful for co-star Krista Ranillo in Pieta. “On the show Krista is like my Ate pero it’s also like that off screen. She’s still like my Ate. She’s always telling me it’s okay, don’t worry, things like that. I was nervous during our first taping so she was giving me tips, I really didn’t know anything so she’s been a lot of help,” he admits.

Except for doing some TV commercials, Enrique has never had any experience in acting. The Information Technology freshman at San Beda College Alabang, whose studies have currently been put on hold until early next year, wants to focus on honing his craft and forging an acting career. “I never imagined I would be where I am right now. Before, I wanted to be a basketball player because I used to play varsity basketball in high school pero I shattered my ankle. Now I can’t play as how I used to play before. So now I’m just concentrating on my career and I hope my career would prosper,” he shares.

The Fil-Spanish actor, who also speaks fluent Bisaya having spent some time growing up in Cebu, admits that he would like to take on matinee idol roles in the future. “I’d like to try doing mga kilig roles. Not really the super happy kind of characters kasi for me, mas mahirap sa akin gawin yun. I can be sweet but not that happy. It’s hard for me. I prefer maybe to be an angry character or kontrabida puwede rin,” he confesses.

A self-confessed homebody, Enrique usually works out at home or uses his computer on his days off. “I just like staying home. Pero sometimes if I feel like going out with friends. Kung may gig yung friends ko na nasa banda,” he says. Enrique also shares his usual diet to keep looking fit. “I don’t eat much rice. I love pasta. When I eat a lot of rice, it all goes to my stomach and my thighs so I try to cut down on that,” he says. Enrique admits feeling closest to his workshop batch mates whom include other members of Star Circle Batch 16, Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2 housemates Alex Anselmuccio, Linda Backlund, EJ Falcon, and even Pieta co-star John James Uy.

Out of all the pretty faces in showbiz, Enrique admits that Banana Split cast member Roxanne Guinoo is his first celebrity crush. “I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but I liked her when I saw her during the mall shows and in Ligaw na Bulaklak. I like malambing girls. Girls that are very carinosa. I don’t like girls who are too maarte. Simple is okay,” he adds.

Source: abs-cbn.com

Monday, October 27, 2008

John Hall Photo Gallery

John Hall is a model and actor in the Philippines. He has endorsed RayBan, Globe Telecoms, othe major products most importantly, Bench -- a Filipino apparel giant.
John's mother is from Cebu Island and moved to the U.S. when he was 12. He is rarely photographed with clothes on.

John Hall is a half-Filipino half-British commercial model. He grew up in Cebu but when he was 12, he moved to the US and continued his studies there. When he came back to the Philippines, he was discovered as a model and now belongs to the elite Bench roster of models.
He was one of Cosmopolitan magazine's centerfold hunk in 2003. His first movie was "Xerex" opposite Aubrey Miles. One of his goals when he came back to the Philippines is to be a basketball player.

Carlo Guevarra Photo Gallery

Carlo Guevarra Photos and information.

Profile: Carlo Guevarra is the winner of Be Bench Model Search male category.
What Makes Him Sexy: He's got a great body, a baby face look and nice eyes and eyelashes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coco Martin Photo Gallery

Coco Martin has appeared in several TV commercials before breaking into showbiz with his debut film Masahista which won him the Young Critics Circle Best Actor Award in 2006.
Since then, he starred in various indie movies like Daybreak, Condo, Serbis, Siquijor, etc. that's why he's now dubbed as the prince of indie movies.

What Makes Him Sexy: Coco is very charismatic that's why the camera loves him. He has a boy next door appeal and his smile is mesmerizing.


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