Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jolas Paguia Photo Gallery

Jolas Paguia Photos and Biodata. PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Jolas Paguia from Bulacan. He is tagged as the Gentle Giant of Bulacan.
Jolas Paguia is 18-year-old basketball player from Bulacan. Unsurprisingly, he stands 6' 4" (193 cm) tall. He and his father have dreams of him being the professional league, but these dreams were almost imperils when they had spats with each other. Upon Jolas's entry, this conflict appears to be resolved. Of note: Jolas's name is also a nickname of former basketball player Jojo Lastimosa.

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  1. h!kuya jolas sayang ur evicted nah,,kasama ka kasi sa gusto ko maging big4 eh,,but 8s okie,,
    take care poh

    kahit na evicted kana,idol parin kita,,galing mo kasi sumayaw,and gentlemen pah,hehehe,,

  2. i really admire you..
    simula pa lang ng pinakilala ka sa PBB.



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