Sunday, March 23, 2008

Valerie Weignmann Photo Gallery

Valerie Weignmann Photo Gallery. PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemate: Valerie Weignmann from Germany. She is tagged as the Dazzling Doll of Germany.
Valerie Weignmann is 18 from Germany. She is profiled as a "Daddy's Girl" currently trying to reestablish her ties with her Filipina mother since the death of her German father. Although she has lived most of her life in Germany, she has a great Filipina sensibility, visiting her mother's country very often. She also has a good command of the Tagalog language and has plans to enter Philippine showbiz.

More Valerie Weignmann photos soon on the sidebar.


  1. Very Pretty!!

    Hmm.... Love her?

    I made a website for her.. (still a subdomain, though)... Would love help populating it...

  2. Hi poh.....

    VJay rocks!!!!!!!

    galingan mo poh...
    Take Care

  3. Valerie is so pretty sagut mo na si Ejay!

  4. Hello si Valerie ito..

    May Bebo kayo?? Ang Bebo ko ai

    Thank you for all your comments!

    Luv you all.

    Valerie XOXO

  5. Valerie ist my bestfriend!! she is very funny and i miss you valiieee! when you come back to germany in Wiesbaden???

  6. she doesn't even know the pinoy language and she's so maarte. she was in germany and will stay so. didn't have a lot friends. doesn't write her friends back...

  7. vale i miss you!meld dich doch mal bei mir.
    feier schön morgen ich werde an dich denken
    dein toto

  8. valerie i would like to meet you my name is adam you know your soo pretty

  9. hi valerie your sooooooooo pretty i luv u



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