Friday, July 4, 2008

DJ Durano Photo Gallery

IN no time, DJ Durano might end up as the new “kilabot ng kolehiyala,” a title once held by crooners Hajji Alejandro in the seventies’ and Ariel Rivera in the early nineties. That is, if Durano’s winning streak continues. Now that he has released his first CD, Durano joins the roster of hundreds of other Filipino musical talents who claim to be legitimate recording artists.

Durano looks good, in fact, he looks better than a lot of new singers who have entered the business by way of winning in local reality shows and talent searches. I listened to his carrier single “Ako Lang ang Nagmahal” while I was stuck in traffic a few nights ago and I must say that it’s not bad at all. Am not saying that it’s a brilliant composition, but Durano’s soothing vocals certainly did the magic. Given the right promotions, this single might just end up at the top of the local charts.

Whoever Durano’s career strategist is, he or she is doing a good job. Lately, he has been very visible on the boob tube, many thanks to film and TV director Wenn Deramas who took on the responsibility of making sure that Durano’s career takes off in the right direction.

Although Durano’ entertainment history started via German Moreno’s That Entertainment, it was Deramas who made sure that this dude gets the right projects. His first big role came via the fantasy series Marina, where he played the righthand guy of mega-antagonist Cherie Gil. Durano created quite a stir and he was cast in important roles in succeeding programs like Pedro Penduko and Kampanerang Kuba. In the new Piolo Pascual-Claudine Barretto drama Walang Kapalit, Durano takes on yet another important role.

“I’m just very lucky to have Direk Wenn at my side,” he explains, “I have no family here in the Philippines and he is my family.” Rumors have been circulating that there is much more to the Deramas-Durano friendship but the new singer just shrugs everything off, saying, “They can think whatever they want to think, they can say whatever they want to say. I feel blessed to have Direk Wenn in my life. My concern is my work, to be the best that I can be, whether I’m acting or singing,” he adds.

He is also coming in with a lot of experience from performing in the live concert circuit. Durano shares that he spent quite a number of years as a vocalist for bands like Intense, NXT Level, Music Jive and Frontline. That will surely be an advantage for a new recording artist because unlike many stars in the big networks who are suddenly thrown in the lion’s den as singers even if they can only be classified as popular actors, Durano is properly armed for his battle.

The debut album is a CD-lite, which is the way to launch a new singer’s career nowadays. It has only six tracks but the bonus is, buyers get another six minus-one tracks. Under the new Ballyhoo label, the album is produced by Deramas so it’s a labor of love indeed.

With the hot, hot box-office director as Durano’s sail and anchor, I am sure that he could very well be the next kilabot ng kolehiyala of the local music scene.

Article by Ricky T. Gallardo


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