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Billy Crawford Photo Gallery

Billy Crawford (born Billy Joe Crawford on May 16, 1982)is a Filipino American musician and actor with musical influences from R&B, Pop, and Soul. Billy Crawford became known around Europe and Asia with song titles such as "When You Think About Me", "Never My Love", "Steamy Nights" and "Bright Lights".

Billy is also multilingual, being fluent in two Philippine languages, his native Tagalog as well as Cebuano. His second language is American English and he is conversational in European French. Billy has been living in New York City, USA, since 1998. Although he has resided in Paris for five years and for one year in London, he currently resides in Los Angeles as of 2007. In 2008, he went to Manila to host Pinoy Dream Academy's uberture.

Billy was a success as a singer in France with his first single of his album "Ride" called "Trackin'". In 2001, it jumped Billy to the top of the French charts. The song "Trackin'" has sold 750,000 copies and was certified platinum; it reached a #1 position on sales charts and was #1 in the club charts. The song also made #1 in the Netherlands, #2 in Belgium, #3 in Switzerland, #20 in Germany. It had a great success in Germany and became #1 on radio and club chart. His second single "When You Think About Me", was also a huge success, and many other successes followed.

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