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The Incredible Hotness of Being Hayden Kho Jr.
Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. has endured everything from massive butterfly attacks to early predictions of elimination to unnerving YouTube postings and even Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses.” And yet he remains in the Celebrity Duets game, and the hysterical screaming that greets his every appearance onstage—and not just from his ladylove, Dr. Victoria “Vicky” Belo—keeps getting louder and more hysterical with every passing week.

WHO was it that said fate has a weird sense of humor? Well, Michael Corleone said as much, more or less, in 1990’s flawed classic The Godfather: Part III. “Just when I thought that I was out, they pull me back in.” He was, of course, referring to the Mafioso past from which he has desperately tried to distance himself from by embracing corporate America.

In the case of Hayden Kho Jr., it is the siren song of celebrity that never fails to play for male models of serious hotness, singing to them about making the jump from the minor fame found on the runway and in TV commercials, to big-time idolatry in the business of show and the major perks that come with the territory. It is an easy jump to make, as exemplified by Alfie Anido, Gabby Concepcion and Miguel Rodriguez back in ancient times, and as now illustrated by Derek Ramsey and Jon Avila (formerly known as Jon Mullaly) in the iPod age.

Instead, Hayden, who has a string of TV commercials and runway shows (notably with fashion czar Pitoy Moreno) under his belt, chose to pursue a career in scrubs, earning a degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Santo Tomas in 2005 and passing the Physician Licensure Examination in 2007. Along the way, he also collected certificates of seminars and trainings attended, including Patient Care and Moral Ethics and Innovations in Orthopedic Procedures, both from the Makati Medical Center in 2005; and from the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery-Palm Springs in the US in 2006, and the European Anti-Aging Society- Paris, France. He is now one of the affiliated doctors of the famous Belo Medical Group.

It is not unlikely, however, that this laundry list of earnest efforts toward a career in medicine will ultimately become lost as Dr. Kho finds himself front and center of a massive celebrity that threatens to forever take him out of his scrubs. As one of the prominent nonprofessional singer contestants of GMA’s wildly successful Celebrity Duets—the others are beauty queen Ana Theresa Licaros (eliminated), “eventologist” Tim Yap (eliminated), multiawarded fashion designer Frederick Peralta (eliminated), talent manager Wyngard Tracy, society figure and newspaper columnist Tessa Prieto-Valdes, multitasking Jessica Rodriguez-Bunevacz and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manny Calayan—Hayden has endured everything from massive butterfly attacks to early predictions of elimination to unnerving YouTube postings and even Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses.” And yet he remains in the game, and the hysterical screaming that greets his every appearance onstage—and not just from his ladylove, Dr. Victoria “Vicky” Belo—keeps getting louder and more hysterical with every passing week.

Of course, it doesn’t help that he has taken to ripping off his T-shirt on national TV—as he did following his journey into Bon Jovi land—to reveal even more of his massive hotness, all toned love muscles and just the right touch of hirsuteness.

He laughs at the memory of his very public quasi-striptease. “Of course, you have to understand that while Celebrity Duets is a singing competition, it’s not just about the singing,” he says with a smile that would make any woman want to curse the good fortune of the already fortune-laden Dr. Vicky Belo. “It’s also about performing, about working the crowd in and outside the studio, as most of the other Celebrity Duets contestants have shown during their time onstage. So, I worked it.”

Indeed, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. did.

As any follower of American pop culture will tell you, Celebrity Duets is the brainchild of American Idol’s Simon Cowell, debuting on Fox TV in the 2006 season with Wayne Brady hosting and the three-judge panel composed of David Foster, Little Richard and Marie Osmond. In the local version, which debuted on GMA in early August, the show is hosted by Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid, who have dozens of monster hit songs and a flourishing real-life romance between them; and the three-judge panel is composed of Louie Ocampo, Mitch Valdez and Buboy Garovillo of the Apo Hiking Society, all respected members of the entertainment community. The winner in the Philippine iteration will be awarded a P1-million cash prize, all or part of which the winner will donate to one’s charity of choice. Hayden’s is the much-lauded Gawad Kalinga.
And what have the judges got to say so far about Hayden’s singing? From the show’s web site on GMA’s portal, they sound off on his various performances:

“You [Hayden] really keep on trying to push your borders in singing. Every week, parang paiba ng paiba at pahirap ng pahirap ’yung ginagawa mo,” says Buboy Garovillo.

“I thought Hayden was one of the weaker ones, vocally. But today the song [“If You are Not the One”] was so difficult that I had to ask Louie [Ocampo], is he hitting all the notes? And Louie said yes, apparently yes. So even if the vocal chords have a weakness you were hitting the notes quite correctly. On that angle, congratulations!” said Mitch Valdez.

“I think you have all the tools to make it through this competition till the end. You have the look. You know how to choose your songs, you know how to interact with your ka-duet and you always take the risk and you always surprise us even though there are a couple of technical glitches in your singing. You are a celebrity and again you get away with it. So far, you will always have my vote,” says Louie Ocampo.

These and other votes almost never got to be made. According to Hayden, he promptly turned down the offer to join the Celebrity Duets roster when GMA executives made their initial pitch. “I’ve met them socially on several occasions, so we’ve all become good acquaintances. They said I’d be a good fit to the show, but I wasn’t interested. Not only did I already have my work at the Belo clinics to give my attention to but I was also studying for my diplomate, so there was no way I could have my focus on any of that if I joined the competition,” Hayden recalls. “They talked to me again about joining, and again I turned them down simply for the same reasons.”
Then, GMA brought in the big guns in persuasion—well, just one actually: Dr. Vicky Belo, who has been Hayden’s very significant other for nearly two years now. “They called Vicks and, ultimately, she was the one who convinced me to join Celebrity Duets,” says Hayden, then adds, “but not before she could give me three good reasons why I should do it. Of course, the first one she cited was how I’d always tell her how I wanted to do a modern-day harana [serenade] for mi amor. Well, this provided the perfect opportunity, and so whenever I go onstage on Celebrity Duets I dedicate my songs to her. The second reason she gave was for my personal sense of accomplishment, since I do love to sing—but until now only in videokes—and I always try to push myself to do my best in whatever I do and I would do so for the good cause that’s Gawad Kalinga.” And the third reason? Well, Hayden did reveal to me the third reason, but requested that it not see print.

Needless to say, his romance with the renowned cosmetic surgeon, who is several years his senior, has caused a bit of stir in traditional, strait-laced circles. While the woman doctor has said little regarding Hayden to the media, the truism about action speaking louder than words is on glorious display every Saturday as the TV cameras lock in on the rapturous face of Dr. Belo as her Dr. Kho gives her yet another “modern-day harana.” As for Hayden, he recognizes that their romance would be a tough sell to some individuals. Mercifully, according to him, only a few have given it a frosty reception worthy of Siberia. “It will take a bit of time for some people to appreciate that what Vicks and I have is beautiful and true and special, and we are hopeful that we would make them come around,” he says. And what if they don’t? “Well, ultimately, it’s really about us, Vicks and me, isn’t it? And we’re defining what we have not according to other people’s terms but our own.”

And what about the career in the business of show that is pretty much now his for the taking? “I really don’t want to think about that,” says Hayden. “My mind is still focused on what I’ve set out to accomplish as a doctor. If I’m asked to do an album? Of course, I love to sing but...I don’t know….”

Of course, there are those in his burgeoning fan base who have other ideas regarding their idol in the celebrity spotlight, some posting on the Internet about how they see him as an even hotter Sergio should GMA think about recasting Marimar. On the possibility of a full-on showbiz career, one that could become even bigger than Dr. Nonoy Zuñiga’s during his heyday, Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. will allow nothing more than a partly incredulous laugh.

Still, GMA would be a fool not to sign up His Supreme Hotness.

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Performance of Dr. Hayden Kho, Celebrity Duet-Philippines

He is the sexiest and hottest singing doctor in the Philippines!


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