Friday, December 5, 2008

Hideo Muraoka Photo Gallery

It seems that nipo-brasileiro (half-Japanese, half-Brazilian) hybrid fever is not over yet. They are all over the place booking most modeling jobs in the Philippines, getting featured on billboards, gracing runways and appearing on television commercials. Well, who could blame the casters for hiring the services of these male mannequins with well-chiseled bodies and perfectly molded faces? No wonder, their Filipino counterparts are having a difficult time booking the jobs.

After the much-publicized entry of Akihiro Sato in the modeling industry, here comes another foreign hunk by the name of Hideo Muraoka. The 20-year old model is Folded and Hung’s answer to the Penshoppe’s popular Akihiro. What sets him apart from the bronze-bodied Aki, however, is the fact that unlike the former, he is not a full-time model but is in fact a law student in São Paulo before packing his bags and leaving for Asia to pursue a modeling career. Upon his arrival in Manila, he was able to land tons of modeling jobs.

Another major difference with Aki is that he will not be staying in the Philippines for long and continue a career in acting. Next year, he will be going back to his native Brazil to continue his studies. So, while you still can, enjoy what this hunk has to offer.
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